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My name is Brian Goree, founder of BG Shooting Supplies. Since holding a Firearms license in 1978, I now hold a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) certificate. This means I can source and sell firearms to certified members of the public.

I've had an interest in firearms for over 50 years and as young boys, my brother and I would always be 'packing iron', playing cowboys and watching Westerns & War films.

Upon receiving my very first Western history book, I soon realised that: 

  • There were guns other than the M 1892 Winchester and Colt Peacemaker 
  • 'Goodies' didn't always wear white hats….
  • …and that they were more often than not, 'badder' than the bad guys
  • Real guns don't hold as many bullets as Hollywood guns
  • Most of the guns in Western films aren't period correct

I'm passionate about anything and everything do to with firearms - from how they operate, to the history and provenance of each item.

This website is dedicated to sourcing both military firearms and American West firearms (antique & reproductions). Please browse through current firearms in stock using the menu to the left. In addition, I also cast bullets for various types of guns - some of which can be viewed here.

If you have any questions about any firearm or ammunition listed on this website, please contact me directly. Similarly get in touch if you would like me to source a particular gun for you - I'd be more than happy to look into this for you.


Mobile: 07850 386111

You'll often see me shooting lever action rifles, revolvers and military weapons at Bisley Ranges in Surrey, so if you happen to be there, please do come up and say hello.